We bring about change by using the arts to engage people, inspire better ways of working and accelerate learning and development.





Finding your purpose


We connect people to a purpose and engage them with spot-on communication.


Culture Change

We use creativity to solve business challenges, kick-start change and transform culture.

Team Development

Leadership Development

We deliver events, workshops and experiences for teams and leaders looking to progress.



If you want your people to feel good in your organisation, you will want to focus on communication. People want to know about company goals, how they are contributing to the company's success and how the company is performing.

We apply an artist’s mindset to communication – which means bringing messages to life through storytelling, visuals and video. We’ve worked on virtual broadcasts; brought a Radio 4 producer into teach about conference calling and created internal and external comms pieces ranging from Manifesto Posters to Culture Guides.

People also need to know ‘why’. The purpose behind the business (beyond profit) – and what’s expected of them. Thanks to the popularity of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, we’ve been doing a lot of work with individuals, teams and brands to find their ‘why’.

And of course, these two areas are intricately linked. Once you know your ‘why’ you want to talk about it and you want to talk about your ‘why’. And so it goes on.


People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

― Simon Sinek



We believe everyone is creative and that when people are more creative at work – business thrives. As do the people. How do you make this happen?

We bring a creative approach into organisations in two ways: innovation and culture change.

People will come to us with a specific challenge. We play that challenge back to them and find ways to disrupt their thinking. We create the space and environment for people to see that challenge afresh. Our playful approach brings energy, ideas and enthusiasm. We’ve done this for Boards, Brands and leadership teams.

We also have a passion for working with organisations who are serious about culture. These projects are a long-term investment in the people – and the bottom line is – engaged employees are the best employees. People really living the values are the ones who deliver.

We’re particularly proud of our part in Burt’s Bees culture journey.


If you are going to evolve, to survive and thrive, then you too will need to think more creatively. And you'll need to do it faster, too.

― Nick Souter, 'Breakthrough Thinking'



Our signature work is in delivering events for teams. We’ve spent the last ten years pushing the envelope of what you can achieve in an ‘off-site’ and we’ve pulled off some really invigorating team events.

Whether it’s a strategy conference in Amsterdam or a team-building day in Soho, we’ll get the most out of your time together – and the most out of your budget. And no matter how complex the agenda gets our experienced production team have it covered.

Creativity is a key quality in modern leadership. More and more leaders are seeking us out for our innovative style and in return we’re devising ever more interesting ways of developing those leaders.

Our leadership programmes are a journey of discovery. We work through challenges, design unique learning sessions and coach teams and individuals. The outcome is always extraordinary.


Change will never be this slow again.

― Mark Holden, PHD Media Worldwide