We are the sum of our parts and our parts are strong.


Alastair Creamer

Catalyst. Creative. Bridge-builder.


Alastair was the driving force behind the award winning Catalyst programme at Unilever. Motivated by the belief that everybody is creative, he empowers people and businesses to employ an artful approach to serious problems and finds the world a better place for it.

"I was educated as a musician and when I chose to stop playing, I discovered other creative channels – acting, directing, writing and painting. It’s from all these worlds that I’ve developed my network of creative partners. I’ve also inherited my father’s love of handwriting (thus the logo). I founded and developed Catalyst at Unilever, an innovative in-house programme of creative training and inspiration.

I ran it for seven years before co-founding my own business to take the approach into all manner of organisations. Before all that I spent twelve years in the arts and a further six in other businesses (including Sainsbury’s first Arts Sponsorship Manager) with a stint as Dean of Faculty at the London College of Music and Media. All these experiences come together in our work at Creamer & Sundt."

Anna Sundt

Psychologist. Facilitator. Artist.


Anna is a consultant and artist who joined forces with Alastair to form Creamer & Sundt. A graduate of both Sheffield University and the Glasgow School of Art, Anna is a chartered business psychologist and is a fierce advocate of art and business partnerships. Anna offers powerful insights into our
‘parallel worlds’ approach.

"It all started with Daniel Pink’s book: ‘A Whole New Mind: Why right-brainers will rule the future’. It’s a great read. I made a decision to be a consultant AND an artist; to embrace paint, poetry and music along with flip-charts and PowerPoint slides, in order to bring about change in the people, teams and organisations I work with.

Since discovering the value artists can have in organisations I have graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Painting & Printmaking. Together with a Chartership in Occupational Psychology and 15 years working as a learning and development consultant to bring about change in a creative and meaningful way."

Emma Haigh

Producer. Singer. Project Manager.


Emma brings her top-level production skills to our busy office. With a background in the media industry, she masterminds our projects and works closely across all aspects of the business. Her freelance network extends across governing bodies, politicians, agents, producers, directors, writers and financiers in both the UK and the US.


"After working in the film and television industry for 11 years, I decided to take the plunge and leave the security of multi-award winning production companies to try my hand at freelancing, allowing me to spread my organisational and producing talents amongst a wider audience.


Work since has included projects at the BBC, Ignite and The Shine Group. When I have a spare moment I love going to the theatre, singing, cooking, gardening and walking my bouncy springer spaniel, Monty."